Frequent questions

Is it safe to shop at PER Buckles?
Your security is paramount to us, all the information processed between your browser and our site is processed through a secure network with a SHA-256 signature algorithm with RSA encryption, for your protection our servers do not store any data from your credit cards. credit so you can feel confident that your information will only be shared with the bank.
Do they have stores where I can view or buy the merchandise in person?
Yes! You can check the location of our stores in the following link .
Can I pay Monthly Without Interest or with deferred payments?
We always seek to give you the best options to buy at PER Buckles, including periodically offering months without interest. You will be able to verify that we currently have MSI at checkout when you make your purchase.
Do the prices include VAT, can you give me an invoice?
All our prices are updated daily and include VAT. All our orders are invoiced, if you are not registered with the Treasury, you will be given an invoice with a generic RFC.
I don't live in Mexico but I'm interested in buying at PER Buckles?
We appreciate your interest in our site. In compliance with our legal obligations, we can only ship to addresses in Mexico.
If I order more than one piece, do I have to pay double shipping?
The shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight and volume of the items you added to the shopping cart. If you add two pieces of the same item, you will not be charged twice, but the cost will increase slightly. To check your order total, simply add the items and then click the “Pay” button.